Fieran Mason-Blakley

I started by undergrad career in general hard sciences (physics, chemistry, math) and eventually converged to software engineering before such a program was available. I finished my CS degree in 03 and worked as a freelancer and as a BI developer for a few years before returning to school to study the biochemistry leading to a career in medicine. This lead me through twists and turns to a masters in computer science focused on translational research informatics. Dovetailing from this I started a PhD focused on software engineering and medicine.

I began by building an aging in place system using wireless hardware. The system was built using a combination of javascript frameworks with a C back end and served by apache on an embedded linux OS. I then moved upstream so to speak, and worked on an implementation of the E2E standard for the exchange of electronic medical records.

All the while I have been pursuing a systematic literature review on EMR hazards and developing a framework for the analysis of their safety. This has pushed me deep into investigations of software quality assurance as well as investigations into the nature of information integrity.