Elham Sedghi

Elham Sedghi has been a Ph.D. candidate since January 2013 in the Department of Computer Science at the University of Victoria (UVic), BC, Canada. Elham completed her Masters Degree in Health Information Science in 2012 at UVic and worked as a Data Analyst/System Analyst for Vancouver Island Health Authority (VIHA) at Royal Jubilee Hospital during her COOP internship. She received the Graduate Award from the University of Victoria for two consecutive years (2010 – 2012). She was also supported by the School of Psychology at UVic from January to May 2013 to design and implement a Cognitive Battery Test. Her research interests include, but are not limited to, developing Electronic Health Record systems, Medical data mining/knowledge discovery, and analyzing Health-record information for disease prediction. Currently, she is working as a Data Analyst in a stroke assessment project at VIHA; her focus is on analyzing and mining of patients’ historical information to provide a tool to assist in stroke decision making. Her goal is to construct a predictive stroke model to help clinicians in discovering the possibility and probability of stroke in patients and determine whether the patient is at the risk of stroke or can be discharged. She is currently working under the supervision of Dr Jens Weber and Dr Alex Thomo.