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L.E.A.D. Lab is an interdisciplinary research facility between the Department of Computer Science, the School of Health Information Science (University of Victoria) and the Department of Family Practice (University of British Columbia), located at the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.

Our objective is to research and advance methods for developing and evaluating high quality software and information systems for the biomedical domain, with specific focus on primary care.

The lab is directed by Prof. Jens Weber, PEng, PhD and Prof. Morgan Price, MD, PhD.

Current Lab members (Fall 2018):

  • Dr. Morgan Price, MD, PhD – Clinical / Informatics Lead
  • Dr. Jens Weber, PEng, PhD – Technical / Engineering Lead
  • Dr. Raymond Rusk, PhD – Senior Software Engineer
  • Paule Bellewood – PhD cand.
  • Iryna Davies – PhD student, Clinical Decision Support
  • J.P. Stoldt – PhD student, Health Data Analytics Maturity
  • Vanessa Diaz – MSc Student, Conversational Agents
  • Adeshina Alani – MSc Student, Machine Learning
  • Aakash Tyagi – MSc Student
  • Oscar Costa – MSc Student
  • Susan Martin – MSc Student
  • Harsh Jain – MSc Student
  • Yan He – MSc Student
  • Yichun Zhao – BSc Student

Former members (alumni):

  • Dr. Fieran Mason-Blakely, PhD
  • Dr. Adeniyi Onabajo, PhD
  • Dr. Neil Barrett, PhD
  • Dr. Jochen Stier, PhD
  • Dr. Bee Fong, PhD
  • Dr. Tian Han, PhD
  • Dr. Elham Sedghi, PhD
  • Dr. Christoph Treude, PhD
  • Dr. Maryam Shoaram, PhD
  • Dr. Soltan Alharbi, PhD
  • Dr. Dennis Li, PhD
  • Victor Basu, MSc
  • Harneet Kaur, MSc
  • Thibaud Staelens, MSc
  • Carl Henry, MSc
  • Ryan Habibi, MSc
  • Sam Mohammed, MSc
  • Caleb Shortt, MSc
  • Jeremy Ho, MSc
  • Martin Minet, MSc
  • Romain Crespegne, MSc
  • Victor Guo, MSc
  • Dang Vinh Tran, MSc
  • Mathieu Humblet, MSc
  • Simon Diemert, MSc
  • Batien Corbaye, MSc
  • Glen McCallum, MSc
  • Derek Church, MSc
  • Nicolas Hames, MSc
  • Mathieu Beine, MSc
  • Maxime Gobert, MSc
  • Jerome Maes, MSc
  • Jeff Cockburn, MSc
  • Brad Barcley, MSc
  • James Williams, MSc
  • Anissa Agah, MSc
  • Derek Jacoby, MSc
  • Jeff Crowe, MSc
  • Toben Werner, MSc
  • Michael Pfaehler, MSc
  • Ming Du, MSc
  • Melis Dagpinar, MSc
  • Marc d’Entremont, MSc
  • Yury Bychkov, MSc
  • Michael Lavendar, MSc
  • Martin Kellermann, MSc
  • Phan Le, MSc
  • Heintje Lukas, MSc
  • Tobias Jesso, MSc
  • David Dahlem, MSc
  • Luay Kawasme, MSc
  • Andrew McNair, MSc
  • Matthew Fung, BSc
  • Devin Corrigal, BSc
  • Evan Lancaster, BSc
  • Athabasca Witschi, BSc
  • Salem Alsulami, BSc
  • Andrew Hobden, BSc
  • Anita Katahoire, BSc
  • Paul Crawford, BSc
  • Stephen Kerr, BSc

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